Reusable Wine Bottle Protector or Gift Bag

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Looking for a solution to your travel dilemmas? 

Bringing home a nice souvenir or gift from your travels can turn into a nightmare if the liquid that is packed in your suitcase spills in transit. Have you seen how cases and bags get thrown around at airports? Our innovative Bottle Packer solves the issue and provides total peace of mind. Not one, not two, but THREE level of protection virtually guarantee that your bottle will make it home in one piece (and maybe more importantly - your clothes and other items in your suitcase are not ruined with red wine or olive oil!).

Designed and developed in Europe from first principles - we believe this is the best solution on the market that ensures all your journeys end with happy memories and great gifts and souvenirs to share with your family and friends.

This bottle protector also makes a great gift! Why not buy three nice (very nice!) bottles of wine and give them as a present wrapped in these beautifully designed "gift bags". They will be around to be reused long after the wine itself has gone.

The Reusable Bottle Packer Protector is an ingenious solution to the surprise of wet luggage or backseat from a broken wine bottle. It slips over the top of any wine or liquor bottle up to a quart and keeps it protected. It is constructed from all high quality material and features a unique design on the outside.

Three levels of protection

  • bubble wrap inner layer with super tough plastic outer skin
  • double ziplocks seals
  • double velcro seals

No more rolling bottles in towels, taking up precious room in your luggage. No more worrying that you will end up with a suitcase full of red wine stained clothes.  They would make a nice gift for anyone who travels or likes to bring wine as a hostess gift.

Check out these unique features

Flight Tested

Designed and tested to withstand the challenges of baggage handling at airports. Use in your hold baggage


Can use time and time again. These bags will last a really long time. We offer a free ONE YEAR extended waranty


Made of a tough outer plastic skin designed to resist punctures and scratches. Inside cushioned with bubble film


Once the bag is sealed with the double zip locks and then rolled up and sealed with the velcro fasteners, the contents are soundly secured

Leak Proof

The toughness of the outer skin plus the cushioning of the bubble wrap and the secure fastening ensures these bags are leak proof 

Travel Friendly

Great for any travel situation (flying, cruises, road trips) - they pack flat in your suitcase when not in use

Not just us saying BottlePacker is great!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Awesome product”

“Love these wine bottle protectors! Used them to transport some wine in my suitcase to Mexico. Pulled perfectly sealed bottles out of my suitcase and then put the protectors back in my suitcase for my next trip. :) Awesome product!"


“... much sturdier than the standard wine skins and are wonderful for travel”

“These bags are much sturdier than the standard wine skins and are wonderful for travel. I had no problem using them.”

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The bottle packer worked as advertised”

“We recently went to Europe, picking up some schnapps and beer while in Germany. We purchased them just before getting to the airport so all we had time to do was put the bottles in the Bottle Packers and put them in the suitcase. We were concerned because we weren't sure if they were placed in an area of the suitcase with more protection. 

Once we got home, a trip with two flights, we found the schnapps and beer made the trip safely. We are pleased with the Bottle Packers and are glad we purchased them.”


BottlePacker is available in either 3 or 6 pack exclusively on 


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


These protectors really do the job ....

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Very well made and super handy!”

“We travel to visit our family and friends in Asia at least once a year. It's something of a custom to bring our friends bottles of wine or whiskey when we see them. I always bring nice bottles of organic olive oil for my aunts as olive oil is more expensive there. This has always been very stressful for me as I hate having to pack bottles or worry about them breaking. I think that these bottle protectors are genius. They are extremely well made with bubble wrap interiors and zip lock and velcro fasteners. They are easy to use and work very well. To top this all off, they even look nice. I also love that these are reusable; this makes them environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Overall, I think that this is a great product that I will be using quite a lot. I highly recommend it!”


“Perfect protection no matter what”

“Received it before we packed and so thankful we did. Bottles made it through 3 flights and we even saw our bag fall off the baggage cart coming to the plane. 12,000 miles later everything is perfect.”

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Genevieve Avani Lifestyles
Sustainable Living

About Genevieve Avani Lifestyles

BottlePacker is produced by Genevieve Avani Lifestyles. We are a niche product development company based in Paris (France), specializing in designing and developing lifestyle products that help us all live in a more environmentally friendly way. We choose safe, sturdy, sustainable materials, that as well as being recyclable also offer innovation and practicality.

We create desirable products that are a little bit different from the everyday items you see everywhere. We focus on quality and delivering that little bit extra that will allow you to enjoy our products for many years.

Our range caters for everyone that appreciates the good things in life, whilst also respecting the planet. We take pride in ourselves delivering excellent products and a world class customer experience.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you for any reason are not satisfied, just send us a message to and we will bring the smile back.